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Our Hand Sewn Bamboo Diapers

Sweet Cheeks Bamboo Diaper Hand Sewn

Since 2000 our family has offered a cloth diaper service to HRM. (You may know us from our previous name, Fall River Laundry.) From the start we found it hard to find products for our diaper service. So we started manufacturing our own to complement other products we could find. Today we still make all our:

  • pre-fold newborn diapers
  • new bamboo fitted
  • some absorbent cells
  • custom fit for adults who wish a cloth product

From the beginning our focus has been towards the environmental benefits of “no-scent” laundry. We have earned the accreditation from Capital Health as an example to process laundry for there Environmental needs. We have served as a cloth service for seniors at the Nova Scotia Hospital and have provided HRM waste with a landfill study in 2002 on the diaper impact and tax payers cost.

We Have No Reports of Asthma in our Cloth Diapered Babies!

Besides diverting many tons from landfill each year without any government support, I believe our largest impact lies in the fact that we have yet to have a reported case of Asthma. Following Stats Canada data and the number of customers over the years, it is safe to say we should be filling up our second class room with diagnosed children.. Yet not one..humm.. Come give us the sniff test.

We are proud to offer affordable, environmentally friendly diaper service to families of the Halifax Region and the many communities including the town of Bridgewater.

If you have any questions about our service, we would be more than happy to answer them. Give us a call at the Laundry and ask for Dan or leave us a message.
Phone: 902-860-0011

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Serving Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and Bridgewater, Nova Scotia from our location in Fall River, Nova Scotia.

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